Rush Limbaugh: Batman Villain Created In 1993 Is Attack On Romney

Rush Limbaugh made perhaps one of the dumber comments I’ve seen from the right about the entire Bain Capital story, and managed to display an apparent inability to use Google to look things up.

Mitt Romney Is Letting Obama’s Bain Attacks Define Him, To His Detriment

By failing to respond adequately, Mitt Romney is letting his opponent define him for the voters. That could hurt him greatly in November.

Romney Senior Adviser Ed Gillespie: Mitt “Retired Retroactively” From Bain

The Romney campaign went on television to address the Bain issue, but again they just seem to have muddied the water.

Romney’s Campaign Is Mishandling The Politics Of The Bain Issue

Mitt Romney’s campaign is mishandling their response to the Bain story, and hurting the candidate in the process.

Trying To Make Sense Of The Boston Globe’s Romney/Bain Capital Story

A new report on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital seems to be much ado about nothing.

Obama’s Bain Attacks Aren’t Working

The Obama campaign’s focus on Mitt Romney’s years at Bain Capital don’t seem to be working.

Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, And The Politics Of Creative Destruction

Mitt Romney is taking heat for his role at Bain Capital. He shouldn’t.