Andrew Sullivan Gives The Boeing Back

The world’s most prolific blogger is leaving corporate media and opening the tip jar.

Andrew Sullivan: What Obama’s Critics On The Left And Right Are Missing

Conservatives are rejecting Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek essay out of hand, but they ought to pay attention to what he’s saying.

Ron Paul Won’t Be The Nominee, Much Less President

Ron Paul is surging in Iowa. He’s in 3rd place in the national polls and has been for most of the race. He’s not Mitt Romney.

Torture Creep?

The defense of torture as an extreme measure for extraordinary circumstances has evolved.tortu

Andrew Sullivan: Obama Screws Over Young Supporters

Andrew Sullivan is finally fed up with Barack Obama.

Self-Refuting Arguments: Snow Edition

Rush Limbaugh argues we’re seeing “the Chickificiation of America” because of a delayed ballgame: All I could think about was the Donner Party.  You know the story of the Donner Party.  A bunch of pioneers heading out to California got trapped in a blizzard in the Sierra Nevada mountain range out there near Lake Tahoe […]

Onlookers gather around a damaged car after a bomb exploded in Alexandria Onlookers gather around a damaged car after a bomb exploded in Alexandria

Anti-Christian Terrorism: Blame Bush!?

Andrew Sullivan makes a rather bizarre charge offhandedly: “Who among the neocons would have thought that one of George W. Bush’s final legacies would be bringing pogroms, bombings and genocide to Christians in his new zone of freedom?”

Where Are America’s Pubs? Why, America of Course.

Some DC based hipsters want to know why America doesn’t have good pubs like in London. It turns out, they’re everywhere.

America’s OTHER Largest Army in the World

The hunters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

Why Airline Food Sucks

Airline food sucks. Mostly, it’s the food. But it’s also the altitute.

Conservatives and Racism, Take MXLVI

Rush Limbaugh is apparently not impressed with Barack Obama’s presidency. That doesn’t make him a racist.

Justifying Marijuana Laws

The mental gymnastics people go through to justify their position on marijuana legalization are exhausting.

Andrew Sullivan on Charlie Rose

A fascinating discussion about the nature of blogging.

Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish Turns 10

Andrew Sullivan has been blogging for a decade now. He remains one of the few truly indispensable bloggers.

Quote of the Day, Petraeus Edition

“The canonization of Petraeus has got to stop. He follows in the footsteps of Colin Powell who mastered the art of Beltway schmoozing and press management. But at least Powell won a war where Petraeus has so far lost two.” — Andrew Sullivan

Civil-Military Relations and Partisanship

Many commenters on civil-military relations change their tune according to whose ox is gored.

TED Talks: Online Ivy League?

An essay claiming that the TED talks are “the new Harvard” is gaining some traction from a lot of people who ought know better.

Conservative Media Bias

Conservatives have long complained about liberal media bias. But conservative media seems to be much worse.

Andrew Sullivan Dives Right Back Into Trig Trutherism

Andrew Sullivan is back from vacation and back obsessing over the birth of a two-year old kid in Alaska.

Dave Weigel Calls Out Sully’s Trig Trutherism, On Sully’s Blog

Over at The Daily Dish, Dave Weigel hit the nail on the head in his criticism of Andrew Sullivan’s bizarre obsession with a two year-old infant.

HIV Treatment: So Far and Yet So Far Away

Despite new breakthroughs, an HIV vaccine is still some ways off. But, my, we’ve come a long way.

Waterboarding and ‘Torture’ in the American Media

Did the American media cover up torture by the Bush Administration?

African Solidarity in the World Cup

Africans are rallying around the Ghanaian World Cup team, putting aside stark differences. Should we be surprised?

Risk Assessment

NYT econ columnist David Leonhardt thinks BP underestimated the risk of a spill: The people running BP did a dreadful job of estimating the true chances of events that seemed unlikely — and may even have been unlikely — but that would bring enormous costs. Perhaps the easiest way to see this is to consider […]

George Will: Obama Unfairly Blamed, Serves Him Right

George Will says that President Obama is “being unfairly blamed” for the so-far-anemic response to the Gulf oil spill but “it sort serves him right.” Media Matters posts the above video without comment. Steve Benen is “mystified.” At this point, the discourse seems to boil down to a) those who want to see the president […]

DADT Hot Button

Andrew Sullivan continues to fight back against my assertions that gays in the military is a hot button issue in much of the country. He correctly pointed out recent polling shows that “78 percent of the public supports allowing openly gay people to serve in the military.”   I retorted that, while that may be, the […]

Does Time Move Faster as We Age?

Most of us above a certain age can testify that time seems to move faster as we age.   As a kid, a 15-minute drive seemingly takes hours and the last few days before Christmas seem to take years to pass.  In middle age, you can’t believe how fast the last twenty years flew by.  But […]

The Politics of Gays in the Military

In response to my assertion that gays in the military is “still a hot button issue in much of the country,” both Andrew Sullivan and commenter JB cite a new CNN poll showing 78 percent of the public supports changing current policy. Andrew asserts that the belief that this remains controversial is a function of […]

College Education Economics: Is A Degree Worth It?

Apparently, some economists are arguing that we’re sending too many people to college.   A piece by Jacques Steinberg for the May 14 NYT, “Plan B: Skip College,” outlines the argument. A small but influential group of economists and educators is pushing another pathway: for some students, no college at all. It’s time, they say, to […]

England is a Fag Country

Archie Bunker informed us decades ago that “England is a fag country.” Andrew Sullivan — an Englishman and proud homosexual — verifies this for us: The Conservative Party in Britain now has eleven openly gay members of parliament and nine more in a glass closet. Compare that with zero for the Republicans and three for […]

Elena Kagan: Not Gay After All?

A few weeks back, in a post titled “Elena Kagan Lesbian Rumor Smear Neither Smear Nor Rumor,” I weighed in on the kerfuffle surrounding Ben Domenech’s “outing” of the then-prospective Supreme Court nominee as gay.   The essence of the piece is that, according to several credible accounts, Kagan was widely known in both Cambridge and […]

Britain After Brown

As Doug noted yesterday, Gordon Brown announced his resignation as prime minister and party leader in a bold gambit to secure a progressive Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition.  He failed.  All signs point to an imminent power sharing arrangement between the plurality winning Conservatives and the third place Lib Dems.   Former Sun political editor George Pascoe-Watson is […]

Should American Reporters Be More Like South Africa’s?

This February interview of Johannesburg mayor Amos Masondo by Chris Barron of The Times is making the rounds, thanks to Radley Balko, Andrew Sullivan, and many others.    The set-up is that Joburg is going to be hosting the World Cup and is being touted as a “world-class city.” Is Joburg ready for the World Cup? […]

Americans Fat . . . But Not THAT Fat

Adam Ozimek, Alex Tabarrok, Andrew Sullivan, Miss Cellania, and others post this picture of “Human Freight Car” Chauncey Morlan (1869-1906), one of the freak show fatties who traveled with the Barnum & Bailey Circus: Alex wonders, “What would the circus goers of 1890 have thought if they were told that in the America of 2010 […]

Republicans vs. Obama

Stats guru Nate Silver has “compiled all polls conducted since July of last year that test Obama against a Republican opponent” using “the Real Clear Politics rule of only using one poll from each firm for each matchup (the most recent).” He then adjusts for “house effects,” the tendency of particular polls to be biased […]

Larry King Divorce #8

Septugenarian talk host Larry King has just filed for divorce.  For the eighth time. Larry, 76, and Shawn, 50, were married back in 1997 — they have two sons together. Back in 2007, Shawn had bragged about being the only one of Larry’s wives to have made it into “the two digits.” She is the […]

Customize Your Blog Reading

Like many of us, Jim Henley reads blogs through a feed reader. Now, he’s working on customizing his reading experience by creating some “edited feeds” via Yahoo Pipes that eliminates recurring posts that he doesn’t like: Open-Thread-Free Eschaton, Outside the Beltway — Substantive (no caption contests or music videos), and Poliblogger Gringofied (no Latin American […]

New Nike Ad: ‘Earl and Tiger’

Nike made Tiger Woods a multimillionaire before he took his first swing* as a professional. There’s one of the few major sponsors to stay with him through his recent scandal.  Now, they’ve released a new ad that some are calling “creepy.” The Telegraph‘s Murray Wardrop has the setup: The commercial, in which a silent Woods […]

Internet Future From 1969 (Video)

This video clip from 1969 predicting a future of electronic shopping, online bill paying, instant communications and the like is rather fascinating: It’s apparently from some longer documentary film, although I can’t nail down more specific details.  (Or, perhaps more accurately, I’m not curious enough to devote the time.)  It’s been making the YouTube rounds […]

Erick Erickson Explains Everything

Erick Erickson appears with CNN’s Howie Kurtz to answer for some of his sillier utterances to clear the deck for his future as a regular contributor to that network. Most of these things are sophomoric, at best, and it’s not unreasonable to expect better from a grown, intelligent man with a degree from a prestigious […]

Flying is a Mother

Andrew Sullivan continues his “Creepy Ad Watch” series with this old American Airlines ad with the slogan “Think of her as your mother.” I’ve seen that one before and, indeed, even used it to illustrate my “Fly the Unfriendly Skies” post a couple years back.  I noted then that, I despise flying despite having done […]

Why You Can’t Work At Work

Jason Fried has made possibly the most awesome video in the history of mankind. Key takeaways: “It’s not that there’s 50 or 60 hours worth of work to do, it’s because you don’t work at work anymore. You go to work to get interrupted.” “Management means interrupting.” “There are almost no true emergencies in business.” […]

Atlantic Redesign: The Medium is the Message

Since hiring Andrew Sullivan and a slew of other already-established bloggers a couple years back, the Atlantic Monthly website has gone through quite a few design changes.  But last week’s total reorganization of the site into a series of channels, subsuming all the blogs except Andrew’s into what amounts to collections of links to archives, […]

Sarah Palin’s Black Wristband Faux Pas a Faux Controversy

Eric Robinson, a Yale IR grad student and veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, doesn’t give a hoot about what Sarah Palin had written on her hand at her Tea Party Convention speech. He is, however, concerned about what was on her wrist. I hadn’t noticed it until I watched MSNBC’s “Hardball” on […]

Defining Anti-Semitism Down

TNR’s Leon Wieseltier has leveled some ugly charges against Andrew Sullivan that are sufficiently absurd and baseless — and well refuted elsewhere — that I haven’t bothered to jump in.  But I do very much want to highlight Glenn Greenwald on this larger point: It was once the case, not all that long ago, that […]

Sarah Palin’s Hand

Given the fascination with Sarah Palin’s legs and Sarah Palin’s toenails, I suppose this was inevitable: The focus has now shifted to Sarah Palin’s hands.  (We’re quickly running out of family-friendly parts of Sarah Palin’s body.) Stefan Sirucek, in a HuffPo Exclusive: Closer inspection of a photo of Sarah Palin, during a speech in which […]

Scott Brown Win a Nihilist Moment?

The special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated by the passing of Teddy Kennedy is ongoing, with most expecting a win by Republican Scott Brown.  Andrew Sullivan sees this as the death knell of American politics. I can see no alternative scenario but a huge – staggeringly huge – victory for the FNC/RNC […]

George Carlin with Jon Stewart

An interesting 10-minute interview with the late comedian George Carlin by Jon Stewart: As best I can determine, this is from “George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy,” which was released in February 1997. Judging by how much Stewart has changed — and the lack of a ponytail on Carlin — that seems about right. via […]

Terrorism Math

By any reasonable measure, we’re far too apprehensive about terrorism and expend far too many resources and sacrifice far too much liberty defending against its risks.  But there are smart ways and dumb ways to make that point. Nate Silver, responding a few days ago to one of my posts, demonstrates the former: Over the […]

Todd Palin Bans People From Wife’s Event

Several bloggers, most notably Andrew Sullivan, are calling attention to Shannyn Moore‘s bizarre post about being banned from a Sarah Palin event by husband Todd Palin. Sarah Palin’s Wasilla book signing had a few rules. “Per Todd Palin”, three of us were banned. “Public servants” in their police uniforms at a “public event” in a […]

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